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About Family Recreation Centre

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Gary and Sandi Chard started the Family Recreation Centre in St. Catharines in 1983 when they were in their early 20's  They previously had worked with Sandi's parents Ruth and Stanley Kozak  in Simcoe at the same operation.  The Simcoe store started in the 1970's with Sandi working as a young teen.  Prior to owning a retail store Stanley worked at his father-in-law's billiard hall covering the pool tables and working at the room.  The Norfolk Recreation as it was called started in the 1940's

Sandi Chard

Sandi has been involved in the billiard industry all her life. Her family owned and operated a billiard room in Simcoe. There Sandi learned to play snooker, clean tables, and learn the industry of billiards.

She has a vast knowledge of the industry of older tables and the new tables. Sandi kept onto of the new trends in pool cues, training methods and billiard tables.

Sandi has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario graduating in the class of 1981.

Sandi has taken the college of pool knowledge from the BCA in 1989. She used the tools from the college to teach her own class of pool. Sandi instructed  a ladies only class for beginners, advanced and co-ed class for beginners.  She still instructs some classes for seniors 

Sandi also started the St. Catharine's Youth dart league. The league resulted in a Canadian champ and four  Provincial champions.. The leagues main focus was to introduce the children in St. Catharine's and area to the game of darts and tournament play. In 1994, the Chards with their committee hosted the Ontario Youth Championships in Niagara Falls.  The 2004 season Sandi was involved with the Ontario Senior Games dart section.

Sandi's other interests are her family. She is married to Gary Chard an owner in the business, and has one child, Jamie Chard. . The family has a black cat with a white spot they call Eightball

She spent a few seasons as secretary and webdesigner  of the St. Catharines Minor Hockey Association and President of the St. Catharine's Golf and Country Club Business Ladies Curling Section

In 2010 Sandi was nominated for women in business for the Niagara Region.

Gary Chard

Gary has been involved in the billiard industry since meeting Sandi. The Kozak family had a Brunswick authorized billiard store in Simcoe when Gary met Sandi as a teenager. When they needed help unloading a truckload of pool tables, Stan noticed his daughter was dating a boy that could help, be paid and have money to take his daughter to the movies. Gary was quick to help and has been involved ever since.

Gary has learned from Stan every aspect of the industry. He services and installs the billiard tables. There is not a job in the billiard table that Gary has not been involved in. He is highly respected in the billiard industry. Along with learning the trade from Stan, Gary has taken the BRUNSWICK and Dufferin Games Installers course and is always looking for better ways to install and service pool tables. Gary also has his Mohawk finishing products course which helps him with the many scratches, etc when reinstalling tables.  Gary is one of a few installers that has the knowledge to rerubber snooker and pool tables and restore antique pool or snooker tables

Gary has designed and installed many pool rooms in Southern Ontario.

With his wife, Sandi, he ran the St. Catharine's Youth Dart League. Many players still come to the store telling of the fine times they had at the league.  Gary was involved with the Ontario Senior Games 2004 held in St. Catharines.  Gary is also an active  member of the Lakshore Rotary in St. Catharines.

Gary's interests are camping  with his 5thwheel, travelling and curling 


Mark comes from the installation side of the billiard industry.  Mark installs the pool tables and has a keen interest in the game as well. Mark also plays darts in a league.  .  Mark has also been seen in the store helping the sales team also has competed in Darts Ontario championships and can help with your selection of darts 



Rosemary has been with Family Recreation Centre 13 years.   She comes from a fashion design background. Rosemary can help you with colour solutions for the fabric for the pool table as well as design of the table look in the room. She has two boys, two grandchildren  and a husband and of course a pool table in her home. 

Rosemary can also be found at an arena but usually behind the bench where she is a coach with the Kiwanis hockey league.  Year 2005 she  was awarded  the Kiwanis appreciation award for her many hours and years in the organization.

Rosemary has taken two  Brunswick's billiards sales training courses in Philadelphia and one with Brunswick direct school in to further help her clients


Connie has been on the front line of sales for many years. Connie is an avid darts player in many leagues.

Where are they today?

Stanley Kozak

Stan started in the billiard industry helping his father-in-law in the Simcoe pool hall. Over the years Stan learned from theBRUNSWICK team of installers at the pool room. The installers took Stan under their wing and showed him their trade secrets. Stan took that further by moving, reinstalling, recovering other tables as well as the pool room. Stan looked after pool room maintenance with the billiard operation.

Stan and his wife Ruth took the business to the selling side in the 70's. BRUNSWICK approached them about becoming one of the first authorized dealer stores in Canada. As they had alot of knowledge in the industry they started the store and named itFAMILY RECREATION CENTRE. The store was located in Simcoe adjust to their other business interests. It expanded fast due to the Kozak's knowledge and experience in the pool table industry. In 1983, along with Gary and Sandi Chard they expanded to the Niagara Region area with a second location.

Stan had a vast knowledge of the old antique tables which he taught to Gary that is an asset to us at FAMILY RECREATION CENTRE. #008040">tipping cues.


stan and ruth

Home show 1970's



Ruth Kozak

Ruth has been involved in the billiard industry for many years. Her father Roy Whitehead and uncle Clarence Gray started a pool room. Ruth's husband, Stan worked in the store for many years. Ruth and Stan together started FAMILY RECREATION CENTRE. Ruth sold the pool tables and accessories in the store, while her husband Stan installed the tables. Ruth while retired with Stan can still be seen at the store helping out wherevershe can.

Jaime Chard

Everyone always asks about our son who has been at the store  since he was 5 days old.    Here is about Jamie

Jamie is Gary and  Sandi's son.  When he was young he helped at the  FAMILY RECREATION CENTRE  installing pool tables or  working in the store and helping at home shows.

Jamie is an avid 9 ball player and dart player. At the age of 8 he played in the Ontario Youth Dart Championships single junior boys division.

Jamie also was  a goalie in ice hockey and played for the St. Catharines Minor Hockey Association and Governor Simcoe High School Team His other interests at school have all been sports minded. Jamie has been on all the school sport teams. He was the athlete of the year for his school year at Queen Mary. While attending high school Jamie became an avid rower. His high school rowing team has won many awards including the Canadian Secondary School Championships. Jamie was also a member of the Canadian national rowing development team Canammex which was held in Saskatoon. Jamie graduated from Governor Simcoe High School in 2003.

 Jamie  graduated in May 2007 from Mercyhurst College in Pennsylvania  with a Bachelor of Arts in Hotel,Restaurant Management and Conventions.  He participated in rowing at Mercyhurst on a rowing scholarship. After Graduating Jamie worked in a management training program for the  Kimpton  in Chicago, Illinois at all there three hotels. Kimpton transferred the Canadian to their Vancouver location after completing his management program.  Jamie changed to the  the Marriott chain in Vancouver Renaissance in 2010  with the front office management team and enjoyed the Olympic experience.  Im Feb 2011 Jamie transferred to the Marriott in Toronto Eaton Centre closer to home.  He goes at work by the name James now.     In October 2011 he married Rachel a lovely girl that he worked with in Vancouver Kimpton hotel. On December 2015 they had a daughter.

Lena Whitehead

Lena with her husband Roy owned and operated the Norfolk Recreation in Simcoe, Ontario.  Their billiard room was on of the first in Canada with Brunswick anniversary pool tables.  Lena recently passed away at the age of 98 after giving many years of advise to the family.

Lena Whitehead  and Sandi Chard 2008

Norfolk Recreation Centre 1950's


Stan Kozak and Jamie Chard


This makes for a complete four generations in the family playing pool. ..Roy and Lena Whitehead.....Ruth and Stanley Kozak....Sandi and Gary Chard....Jamie Chard


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